Two bots
One goal
group management

About the Project

The creator of Eve Assistant started this project in order to remove the amount of bots in chatrooms on the app, KIK Interactive. Eve became increasingly popular and began to be flagged by Kik.  Due to large amounts of down time, another bot was built by a fellow developer in order to help the work load of Eve. This bot was named Adam. Adam Bot was created in Eve’s image, but with additional features. The bots have merged together to achieve one goal; to help run a better chatroom, provide easier management, and remove spam and scam bots. 


Update and News


New Features!

Our bots are always a work in progress, as the developer has been adding new features and games to keep you entertained and organized on Kik. While the new features are still being worked on and improved, we want you to play around with them and see how they work for you in your group chats. Click on the site navigation menu on this website, and you will see where it says “New Features” towards the top. Check them out and let us know what you think! 


New Language Feature, Portals, and Support Rooms

We are now multilingual! Languages can now be changed to either Spanish, Dutch, or German.  New commands can now be found in the “New Features” list in the navigation menu of this website. In addition to the language option installed in our bots, we have now translated the commands for you in the different portals on this page, also in the menu. We have the respective language chat rooms on Kik to answer all your questions and issues so that we can better communicate. 


The Merge is Here!

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